You asked We Answered!
You asked all the questions and now Lori Henry has decided he will let you in on some of his secrets.
Q.) What is your goal with this movie?
A.) To have as much fun with it as I can. And to find funding for the next Max Neptune movie.
Q.) What will you do with Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid when its finished?
A.) Right now, I honestly don’t know.  This is a plan I haven’t worked out yet. I am currently busy editing the movie, and thinking about reshoots… ask me this question in 5 months.
Q.) Have you ever seen Pluto Nash?
A.) No I haven’t. But I clearly remember when it came out because I already had the name Max Neptune by then… you probably could have heard me yell out like Vader… Noooooooooooo…
Q.) Do you have a Myspace page?
A.) Yes.
Q.) Have you seen Sky Captain?
A.) I did see Sky Captain. When I saw the poster in my local Edwards theatre, I was in more shock over that than I was about Pluto Nash. When I saw the movie, I was relieved that it wasn’t what Max Neptune was going to be, and currently is now. When you sit down to watch Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid, don’t expect it to be Sky Captain.
Q.) What is your Myspace page?
A.) http://www.myspace.com/maxneptune
Q.) Where did you find your actors?
A.) Myspace.com. I contacted the actors and held a casting call. I was very fortunate to not only find some great actors, and a great makeup artist… but make some really great new friends.
Q.) What program is being used to create these great CGI effects?
A.) Colin has been using “3D studio Max.”  but the program you use is only as good as the user.
Q.) When will Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid be available to watch?
A.) When it is done. As of today we are 22 min into the first rough cut. it could be a while yet. But you will see it!
Q.) How long has Max Neptune been in production?
A.) Well, if you count from the initial idea of the movie, all the way to today, it has been 6 years, and 7 months. The idea came up while editing a short film I was making back in August of 2000. Most of that time was coming up with characters, names, concepts and a hero. then most of 2005 and a portion of 2006 was pre production and script writing. Most of 2006 and a portion of 2007 has been for shooting the film. Now were in March of 2007 and I think the rest of the year will be for Post production. the editing, reshooting, and pick up shooting. you know, the standard stuff. Just so you know where my mind set is, if we go into 2008 with post production i will be ok with that. If we finish the film in 2007 i would be even better with that LOL.
Q.) What inspired Max Neptune?
A.) A few things. Indiana Jones for sure. Playing with action figures as a kid, the need for a NEW adventure movie, Commando Cody, and my personal excitement to edit.