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The Movie Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (2010) Online

The movie Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (2010) - movie poster
Directors: Colin Fleming and John Garside
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Budget: $20,000
Production House: Galactic Broadcast Company
Runtime: 44 min
Songs: Written and Performed by RoMak and The Space Pirates

Independent, Short, Sweet – Dedicated to Sci-Fi Fans & Flash Gordon

Sci-fi retro-classics  never die! This is the case with the movie The movie Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (2010). Recorded with cheap cameras the trailer and the movie went viral, well almost. This movie got us back in the 40′ and 50′, with heroic acts like Flash Gordon & Commander Cody. Comedy parts are also present. Some sci-fi hd movies fans couldn’t even stop laughing, not so “contrary” with the intial idea, since the movie contains some comedy scenes. Since the premiere is over some years ago, to stream online for free the full hd movie go here.

Synopsis – Movie Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid:

Max Neptune and the Atomic Space Patrol face their biggest threat ever. The evil genius Dr Agotch has build his greatest creation, a giant mechanical Menacing Squid! Agotch forces Max to make a choice – save a spaceship filled with ambassadors from all over the galaxy or save Atomic Space Patrol’s Mara Shore.  Mara and Max both know he must save the ambassadors. Meanwhile, Agotch tries to claim the peaceful city of Whittier as his own … by force!


Max Neptune        – Curt Clendenin
Dr. Agotch         – Michael Ornelas
Mara Shore         – Keaton Shyler
Reggie Horton      – David Uchansky
Martian the Kid    – Dominic Alfano
Transport Captain  – David Pond
Shambles           – John Garside
Transport Co-Pilot – Colin Fleming
Tatters            – Julian Strickland

Awards – Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid Won:

Action On Film Festival 2011

max neptune movie awards

Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid trailer

Make sure you check out the Max Neptune Channel also on Youtube. There are a ton of other goodies there as well 😉

Earth is in the crosshairs of marauding space aliens!

Is there any hope?

With the peace and security of the entire universe teetering on the edge of chaos, the United Planets rushes its great leaders to an emergency summit on the Earth’s Moon. Are they the last hope for intergalactic peace?

But when evil Dr. Agotch unleashes his giant mechanical space squid upon the ship carrying the leaders, is it the end? Is there a man who will come to the rescue? Is there a hero who can defeat this villain?

With our galaxy in peril, and a damsel in distress, can Max Neptune save the day?